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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Whatever your industry sector, the chances are you can benefit from the improved time efficiency and space saving offered by our automated storage and retrieval solutions.

Storage machines can help you:

  • Save space – many solutions use otherwise inaccessible areas of your facility
  • Increase productivity – fewer man hours spent finding parts and components
  • Improve efficiency – computerised indexing of parts results in high accuracy picking
  • Reduce health and safety risks – reducing the need for manual lifting
  • Improve stock control – integration into your existing system or stand alone operation.

Vertical Storage Systems

Floor space is a precious commodity for most enterprises. If you need more storage space in your premises, why not make the most of the space above the floor with a vertical storage system? By reducing traditional racking and shelving, you can regain as much as 70% of your floor space and have plenty of storage too. We offer two practical options, depending on the items you’re working with:

Industrial Storage Solutions

Vertical Storage Carousel

Industrial vertical carousels are ideal for the storage and retrieval of your parts and items, whether you’re involved in manufacturing, distribution, retail or wholesale and are also an effective choice for public and private sector organisations. The carousel machine is made up of several horizontal shelves that rotate vertically to bring specified goods to your operators for ease of use.

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Vertical Storage Lift Module (VLM)

If you store products or parts that are bulky or heavy, a vertical lift module can be an excellent choice. It’s similar to a vertical storage carousel in that it stores items in a vertical unit, however, the internal racking remains static, so heavier items can be stored. Your operators pick items using a central lift and tray retrieval mechanism.

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