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Vertical Carousels for Rolls and Spools


Soft flooring (carpet, vinyl flooring), Technical fabrics (fibre glass, tarpaulins…), packaging rolls.

Vertical Carousel Rolls and Spools

Axle Storage

Our roll and spool vertical storage carousels are typically used for storing carpet or vinyl on rolls. They can also be used for carpet and floor covering retail displays as well as warehouse storage applications.

The units accommodate roll tubes from 1 to 5 metres in width, with rolls of up to 800mm in diameter. The axle diameter is configured according to the total weight and the size of the roll tube.

The material can be rolled out directly from the carousel using a textile cutting device.

Suspension Hangers

This configuration allows the operator to remove the hanger from carousel as well allowing multiple smaller spools on the same level to maximise the flexibility of storage space.


For specific applications, for instance for smaller spool picking.


We recommend using a trolley adapted to your diameters. Possibility to load by hand according to the weight.


Other Product

Cones and buttresses, holding straps, re-rolling tubes, electronic selector, double access (front and back), floor protection buttresses, measuring devices, disposable roll cradle, static or rolling roll-outs.


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We can offer vertical storage carousels for a number of specialist applications.

For more information please contact us.