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Linpic Vertical Storage Carousels

An industrial vertical storage carousel is an excellent choice for the automated storage and retrieval of a wide range of parts, electrical components and other items. A carousel machine is made up of several horizontal shelves that rotate vertically to bring specified goods to an operator swiftly and accurately.

Whether your business is in manufacturing, distribution, retail or wholesale, or you need storage for an office environment, a vertical carousel offers real flexibility and practical business benefits.

Why use a vertical storage carousel?

  • Save space with storage options from floor to ceiling
  • Increase productivity with faster retrieval
  • Improve efficiency with high accuracy picking
  • Reduce health and safety risks through superior ergonomics for manual lifting.
  • Improve stock control, using it as a standalone piece of equipment or integrating it into your current system

Who uses vertical storage carousels?

  • Industrial manufacturers
  • Retail outlets
  • Parts suppliers
  • Distribution and logistics companies
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers and dispensers
  • Offices.

What can you store in a Linpic vertical carousel?

  • Small parts
  • Electronic components
  • Documents
  • Finished products
  • Machine tooling and jigs.

Why buy a carousel from Linpic?

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service, reassuring expertise and a complete solution with either new or refurbished carousels. We work hard to think of everything for you, from providing customised storage to offering timely service and maintenance support.