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Carousel Storage Solutions

We buy, sell and refurbish a wide range of carousel storage solutions.

Whatever your storage needs we will have a solution to help.

Choose a category of storage machines below for further details or call Paul on  0116 277 0099 for advice.

Our most popular carousel storage solutions


Linpic vertical storage carousels are ideal for storing small parts, finished products and a huge range of small items.  Not only will a carousel help you bring the right part to your operator quickly and easily, our specialist carousel software will help you manage your stock as well.

Kardex shuttles are a great choice if you are looking to store larger or heavier items.  Whereas a storage carousel rotates all shelves to bring the right product to the operator, a shuttle operates a central lift in the machine, so a single item is picked and placed at a time, this enables you to store heavier or larger items with ease.

Specialist carousel storage solutions


There is a storage carousel for every requirement.  Our specialist carousels enable you to store rolls, spools, tyres, clothing and much much more.